Roof Leak Repair Portland

A leaking roof can be a simple inconvenience or a serious problem depending on the severity of the leak. Some leaks can be repaired by the homeowner, provided they have the right equipment, while others require the services of professionals.

If you find that the latter is the case, then you can call Giron Roofing to take care of any leaks you discover. We will fix the leak permanently and make sure that there are no other potential leaks to be found. No matter how you choose to fix the leak, you should do so as soon as it is detected before a small leak becomes a big problem.

How to Detect a Roof Leak

This may seem obvious; just look for where the water is dripping. However, not all roof leaks manifest as steady drops of water from a noticeable hole in the ceiling. In many cases, the source of the leak and the leaking water can be far away from each other, making detection more difficult. In other cases, a leak may not result in water dripping from the ceiling, instead it could run behind the walls or ceiling, resulting in discoloration rather than dripping.  

Since leaks only occur during the rain, it can be difficult to detect the source of the leak when it is dry. Here are some of the ways to find an evasive leak.

  1. Head to the attic: Get a flashlight and shine it onto the attic ceiling to see if you can find signs of discoloration or mold on the ceiling.
  2. Create a manmade leak: Since it is unsafe to examine the roof while it is raining, have someone get on the roof with a garden hose when the weather is clement while you stay inside. Have them turn on the hose over the section of the roof where you suspect the leak is located and look for where the water enters the ceiling.
  3. Follow the water stains: If the leak creates water stains on the wall or ceiling, then follow the stains to the point of origin.
  4. Look for damaged or missing shingles: Areas on the roof where shingles are missing or damaged are usually the most obvious origin for leaks.

How to Fix a Roof Leak

As stated earlier, some leaks can be repaired by the homeowner, but there are some leaks that need to be fixed by professionals. These are some of the common fixes for various kinds of roof leaks.

Patch the Roof

If the hole is small enough, then a patch is sufficient to fix it. This can be done by buying some caulk and some extra flashing to cover up the hole in the roof. Flashing is a piece of metal or waterproof barrier placed under the shingles to prevent water from entering the roof. Once the leak has been identified, pry up the shingle covering the leak, place the flashing over it, using the caulk to adhere the flashing to the hole. Carefully reattach the shingle when you are finished.

Replace the Shingles

You can do this yourself if your home has asphalt shingles. Other types of roofing material like slate or clay tiles can stand up to all types of weather, but they are fragile when walked upon. So any needed repairs should be performed by trained professionals. However, if you do have asphalt shingles that are missing or damaged, you can fix them yourself.

Roof Leak Repair in Portland

First, pry out the old nails using a pry bar or the claw part of a claw hammer. There will be two sets of nails and you need to remove both of them. Next, slide the new shingle in place and use roofing nails to firmly attach it to the roof. Be careful when securing the nails whether you use a hammer or a nail gun because overdriven or underdriven nails can cause problems.

If the pneumatic pressure of the nail gun is too high, or you hammer too vigorously, then the nail will get overdriven. When this happens the head of the nail gets driven below the surface of the shingle. An underdriven nail is when the opposite happens; there is not enough pressure and the nail doesn’t get driven in far enough. Ideally, the head of the nail should be flush with the surface of the shingle. If it is over or underdriven, then it is not secured properly and could get detached during inclement weather, thus negating the point of a shingle replacement in the first place.

Fix Leaks Around the Chimney, Skylight, or Roof Vent

Leaks occur around these structures because they are usually sealed to the roof by roofing cement, tar, or mortar. Over time these sealing materials can dry, crack, or erode, creating leaks in the seams and joints where they are attached to the roof. It is best to let a professional handle these kinds of leaks because the addition of a second structure besides the roof makes the job much more complex.

Fix Roof Leaks As Quickly as Possible

Whether your roof leak repair is a DIY job or a professional job, it should be done quickly before the leak gets worse. Giron roofing will repair roof leaks of any size in any location as soon as you give us a call. Don’t wait! A roof leak can get more devastating the longer it persists, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.