Roof Leak Certifications Warranties Portland

Buying a new home can be a wonderful, exciting experience (or bittersweet if you are selling it) especially when you get to shop around and find just the perfect one for you and the family. However, while some homes are newly built, others that future homeowners might encounter have likely been standing for a long time which means that there could be any number of potential problems with it. So, before you decide to take out a home loan and close on that beautiful three-bedroom colonial that you have been eyeing for months, you might need to cover all of your bases so you don’t get stuck with a hefty maintenance bill once you move in.

At Giron Roofing, we understand the importance of having a safe, leak-free, and problem-free environment for you and your family which is why we offer Oregon roofing certifications to show that your new home has a functioning, problem-free roof as well as protection against expensive roof leak repair in the future.

What is a Roof Certification?

There is no one definition for a roof certification and some roofing contractors have different guidelines for what they check for and how they check during a Portland roofing certification. But, for the most part, a roof certification is a written, professional opinion given by a licensed roofing contractor that a roof is defect free and in a working condition for a certain amount of time. The time length of the roof certification can vary but they usually last between one to five years. Prior to getting a roof certification done, it is wise to check what they include and exclude in their certification process.

There are quite a few things that are covered in our roof certifications like:

  • Heat cracking
  • Missing flashing
  • Damage (i.e., caused by people, animals, or trees)
  • Wind damage
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Blistering
  • Proper ventilation
  • Hail damage

What Does It Have To Do With an Oregon Roof Warranty?

A roof certification does not automatically apply as a roof leak warranty. Period. Since there are no set standards or definition for a roof certification, it can be difficult to determine what constitutes a roof certification, what is included, and what is not. A Portland roof certification will prove that the roof is functional and defect-free for a period of time and will most likely include conditions that apply like exclusions, pre-existing conditions, and even dollar limitations on future roof leaks.

Most people who opt for a roof certification are likely selling or buying a home so if, once the escrow closes, you end up getting a leak in your new home’s roof, you can get stuck with the bill if your roof certification does not cover the leak as a warranty. Which is why it is a good idea to ask as many questions as you can before you have the certification done (and read the fine print on anything you sign with the roofing contractor prior to services being performed). Sometimes, a roofing certification will cover a leak that has already been repaired but it won’t cover leaks that occur elsewhere.   

What An Ideal Roof Certification Warranty Should Look Like

Upon getting a roof certification done, the first thing you should obviously do is ensure it is a warranty against future roof leaks. Second, you need to check that it has a no dollar limitation clause. Sometimes, roof leak warranties can have dollar amount limitations on repairs meaning that you are covered for any roof leak repair costs up to the dollar amount stipulated in the roof warranty –– anything else will have to be covered on your end.

Lastly, you want to make sure that the Portland roof certification is transferable. If you have bought a home and, for whatever reason, need to sell it before the certification coverage period ends, then check that the roof certification can stay with the new buyer. So, before you have it done, this is a question that you need to ask beforehand.

Getting a Top Notch Roof Leak Certification Warranty with Giron Roofing

If you need to have a roof certification completed, go with roofing contractors in Portland that provide honest, up-front expectations on what they include in their roofing certification. Make sure that it is also a warranty that covers against any future leaks, is transferable if you sell your home to another buyer, and, lastly, that there is no dollar limitation on future leak repairs. At Giron Roofing, we offer impeccable customer service and give our clients honest, straightforward roof certifications that won’t surprise you down the line.