Painting in Portland

With years of experience and hundreds of completed projects under our belt, Portland’s premiere roofing company is also the area’s go to contractor for residential exterior painting jobs.

Does the idea of painting the outside of your home fill you with anxiety? Are you looking for exterior house painters who do a great job, are reliable, and will get the job done on time? If you want to get the best results with minimal trouble, call Giron Roofing: your first choice when you need expert painting contractors. We will measure your exterior walls and trim, calculate the amount of paint and labor that it will require to paint your house, and provide you with an accurate cost and time estimate for job completion free of charge. We pride ourselves on delivering a clean, finished product, on time and without cost overruns.

Select the Right Finish

There are different concerns for an exterior painting project than you might have painting a room or the interior of your house. While you might select a glossy paint for interior surfaces, those options aren’t readily available for exterior paints. You may consider a flat/matte or a satin finish
Sherwin Williams recommends flat/matte sheens for the surface areas of walls and siding as it does a better job of hiding stains and blemishes. On the other hand, satin finishes work better for trim, window frames, exterior shutters, and other areas that require more frequent cleaning. Choosing the right paint textures can keep your freshly-painted home looking new for much longer, so consider sticking with these tried and true tips.

Colors Tailored to Your Wants

Sherwin Williams, the paint we most often recommend, has over 1,500 colors, so you’re free to mix and match your trim with your walls. Whether you’re trying to make a statement with commanding bold wall colors or you’d prefer a more conservative look for the exterior of your home, we can match the paint to your vision.
Some homes are restricted by a color pallet that’s been approved by their HOA board. At Giron Roofing, we’re able to match the color that you select from your association’s approved color scheme.

The Importance of Prepping and Cleanup

When Giron Roofing takes a contract, we leave our work area the same as we found it—other than the improvements we were hired for, of course. When we arrive to paint your home, we will have the quantity of paint that’s required: the brushes, tarps, and other equipment that we require; and we will go to work prepping your house. This includes pressure cleaning the walls, leaves, and trim; priming stained surfaces; protecting doors, exterior light fixtures, window panes, et cetera.
When the last coat of paint has dried, we will remove our discarded cans, brushes, and tarps, and leave your home in good order.

Get Ready to Start the Project

Nothing can boost the curb appeal of a home like a fresh coat of paint. With the passage of time, all paint jobs need to be redone. Old paint tends to discolor and fade, while colors that were all the rage a decade ago will now appear dated. Your busy schedule allows you no time to take on this job yourself. Book our team of painting professionals and leave all the stress to us.

We Use Sherwin Williams Paints

Why Sherwin Williams? We recognize that our work is reflected in the materials we use, and our experience tells us that Sherwin Williams paints are the best for exterior residential painting jobs. With over 1,500 paint colors, it’s always easy to find just the right shade to improve the look of your house. Their wide range of colors will give you a nearly infinite list of options for the exterior walls of your home.

Portland’s Top Contracting Company for Exterior Painting

Giron Roofing has a reputation for excellence. We offer free estimates for Portland-area residents who are seeking to repaint the exteriors of their entire homes.
Boost your home’s beauty by calling the experts at Giron Roofing in Portland. Schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of our team of professionals. You’ll be glad you did.